Nurkholis Madjid

Setapp Beta Invitations

Setapp is a an alternative to Mac App Store, a new way to find and use apps for macOS. In a nutshell, you subscribe for 9.99 USD/month and you can use a bunch of macOS apps freely, including any future updates. It’s like the Netflix of macOS apps.

Setapp is still in beta version until 1st of March 2017, and during this period it’s free to use. I’ve got five invitations, feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or email me if you want one of them.1 But keep in mind that even though it’s free, you still need to provide credit card details for signing up, but of course you can cancel anytime you want.

The list of apps it provides are quite impressive, and since I installed few weeks ago the list has been growing. I know because it shows notifications whenever new apps are added. There are some interesting apps that I haven’t heard before. However, I already own most of the apps I would like to use like Ulysses and Screens,2 so I am not sure whether I am going to keep subscribing after the free period is over.

  1. No, it’s not referral program, I do not get bonus or anything when you sign up.

  2. It won’t cause any conflicts if there are any apps you have installed on your Mac that are also in Setapp, they just show up as two apps on Spotlight.

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