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Road Trip: Australia (Part 1)

During summer last year, we did a 13-day road trip across 3 Australian states (VIC, NSW, QLD)--and one territory (ACT). This post is the first part of two-part post (from Melbourne to Gold Coast).

Day 1

We started our trip from Melbourne (Victoria), headed north towards Gold Coast (Queesland). The first stop was Gundagai in New South Wales. It's a small town and not really much we could do there. Even on Saturday night it was really quiet. However, there was actually a song about this town--which I didn't know until I posted a picture of it on Instagram and a friend commented about it.

Gundagai lookout.Gundagai lookout.

Day 2

On day 2, we continued our trip towards Wollongong, still in New South Wales. On the way there, we stopped by the beautiful Belmore Falls.

Belmore Falls.Belmore Falls.

Wollongong is the third largest city in New South Wales and we really liked it there. We stayed at a hotel near the City Beach and the view was amazing.

Wollongong Golf Club with ocean view.Wollongong Golf Club with ocean view.

We went to Flagstaff Point to see the Head Lighthouse and was greeted with a beautiful rainbow.

Wollongong Head Lighthouse with rainbow.Wollongong Head Lighthouse with rainbow.

Day 3

The next day, we left Wollongong and headed north towards Newcastle, still in New South Wales. We drove through the the Grand Pacific Drive and acrossed the Sea Cliff Bridge. It's a road over the waters of the Pacific ocean with an amazing view where you can also take the bridge walk on the ocean side of the road.

Sea Cliff Bridge at the Grand Pacific Drive.Sea Cliff Bridge at the Grand Pacific Drive.

There are so many beautiful beaches along the way to Newcastle. First, we stopped at Thirroul Beach, and then swam for awhile at Coledale Beach.

Coledale Beach as seen from Mike Dwyer Reserve.Coledale Beach as seen from Mike Dwyer Reserve.

We arrived in Newcastle quite late in the afternoon, so we just took a little walk at Newcastle Beach for awhile and then went to Warners Bay, just outside of Newcastle, where we stayed for the night.

Day 4

From Newcastle, we then continued to Coffs Harbour. We stayed at a motel near which was very close to the beach and spent quite some time body surfing.

Coffs Harbour break wall.Coffs Harbour break wall.

Day 5

The next day, we headed north again towards our main destination: Gold Coast, Queensland. On our way there, we stopped at Byron Bay for awhile. It's a very unique town, and I think the description at Lonely Planet really on point:

What makes Byron special is the singular vibe of the town itself. It's here that coastal surf culture flows into the hippie tide washing down from the hinterland, creating one great barefooted, alternative-lifestyle mash-up.

Byron Bay lighthouse.Byron Bay lighthouse.

Before we arrived in Gold Coast city, we stopped by Coolangatta, the southernmost suburb of the city at the border of New South Wales and Queensland. The beach was really nice.


And then, after days on the road, we finally arrived in Gold Coast. We were lucky to get an apartment to stay in just at the main destination in Gold Coast: Surfers Paradise.

The view from where we stayed in.The view from where we stayed in.

Update 01 December 2016:

The second part has been posted.

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