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Peel: Super Thin iPhone Case

Peel is a super thin iPhone case at just 0.35mm thin. There are many cases like this but what sets Peel apart from the other is that it is branding free. The last thing I want to do if I have to cover my beautifully designed phone is to give some ugly branding on the cover. Based on its thinness and sleek branding free design, I am sold.

Can you see how thin this case is?Can you see how thin this case is?

The other thing that impressed me about this case is the precision of its cut-outs. The cut-outs for volume buttons and mute button are just perfect. It actually makes switching the mute button a bit awkward but it’s not really a problem for me since I rarely un-mute my phone.


The more impressive cut-outs are the ones in the bottom where they’re perfectly aligned with the small holes of the speaker and microphone and also the lightning port.


Another nice detail is that it also has “a subtle lip” to protect the protruding camera lens.

The protective "subtle lip."The protective "subtle lip."

This is clever, because unlike other thicker cases that can “protect” the edge of the protruding camera lens with their thickness, Peel is so thin that it barely adds any thickness to the phone.

The cut-out on the camera lens.The cut-out on the camera lens.

The only complain I have is that it was not easy to install and even more difficult to uninstall because it fits the phone perfectly. However, this is minor thing because I like the texture of this case that it felt comfortable to hold so I am not planning to take it off anytime soon.

Nice to hold and beatiful to look at :)Nice to hold and beatiful to look at :)

I haven’t had any experience on dropping or any damaging thing to my phone so I cannot tell how protective this case is. So far I am happy with this case. If you’re in the market for a thin and branding free iPhone case, Peel is the one to try.

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