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Oracle RAC 12c Pluggable Database Error ORA-01033

Just recently my company decided to try out Oracle 12c for production. I have been "playing" around with it for few months so I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal to adapt from 11g. I installed the 12c, created the container database (cdb), and then created some pluggable databases (pdb). I opened all the pdbs by executing command ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ALL OPEN; with no errors. However, when I tried to connect to one of the pdbs, something happened:

SQL> conn user/password@pdb1
ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress
Process ID: 0
Session ID: 0 Serial number: 0

Warning: You are no longer connected to ORACLE.

My first thought was maybe the pdb wasn't opened yet, so I queried the status of the pdb from the container.

SQL> SELECT   con_id,name,open_mode
  2  FROM     v$pdbs
  3  ORDER BY con_id
  4  /

    CON_ID NAME               OPEN_MODE
---------- ------------------ -----------
         2 PDB$SEED           READ ONLY
         3 PDB1               READ WRITE
         4 PDB2               READ WRITE

3 rows selected.


They're all opened, but why did it say ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress? A little duckduckgo-ing didn't help. It was frustrating because there weren't many articles around the web about 12c so far. So I turned to Crossy Road for awhile to refresh my brain.

It was a few minutes later I realised something.1 The cdb I had been playing with was single instance cdb, while this one was RAC. So instead of v$pdbs, I thought I should've queried gv$pdbs.

SQL> SELECT   inst_id,con_id,name,open_mode
  2  FROM     gv$pdbs
  3  ORDER BY con_id,inst_id
  4  /

   INST_ID     CON_ID NAME               OPEN_MODE
---------- ---------- ------------------ -----------
         1          2 PDB$SEED           READ ONLY
         2          2 PDB$SEED           READ ONLY
         1          3 PDB1               READ WRITE
         2          3 PDB1               MOUNTED
         1          4 PDB2               READ WRITE
         2          4 PDB2               MOUNTED

6 rows selected.


Ahh, there's the culprit! I executed the command to open the pluggable database only on one node. It turns out when you open pluggable databases with command ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ALL OPEN;, it only opens all pluggable databases in cdb’s instance at node where you execute the command, not all nodes of your cdb cluster. If you want to open the pluggable databases of the other nodes, you should add INSTANCES=ALL to your command, or INSTANCES=('<cdb_inst>') with <cdb_inst> is the instance name(s)2 of container database node where the pluggable database isn't opened yet.


Pluggable database altered.

SQL> conn user/password@pdb1

Finally, it worked. Now, let's get back to Crossy Road.

  1. Thank you, Crossy Road!

  2. To open pdb in more than one instance, type all the instance names separated by commas.

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