Nurkholis Madjid

Not Excited

I have always been excited whenever Apple launches new products, especially Macs. I was always drooling over those shiny new things, and the only thing that kept me from impulsively buying them was money. Well, that was the case… until now.

The new Macbook Pro launched today didn’t excite me whatsoever. It is disappointing because I was quite waiting for this launch for one reason: I was planning to buy one this time.1 No, not because I have more money now. It’s because Apple has special education discount for my university (even bigger discount than the “standard” education discount), and this is my last semester as a Master student. My current Macbook Pro is still a beast,2 but I don’t want to miss the chance of getting a new Mac with special price.

These are the main reasons I am not excited:

  1. The major new features are Touch Bar and Touch ID. I mostly work with the Macbook elevated on the HiRise stand to avoid neck pain, so I use Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. That means the Touch Bar and Touch ID aren’t useful for me most of the time.3
  2. My Macbook Pro is the ultimate powerbank for my iPhone. It is very handy when I can’t find any power outlet to charge my iPhone. So, with only Thunderbolt 3 ports, that’s not the case anymore for the new Macbook Pro. Well, I don’t want to bring another dongle only for this, let alone to buy one.

I know I can just buy the less expensive new Macbook Pro without Touch Bar and Touch ID, but the improvements spec-wise are not enough for me, especially with the expense of “losing” the ultimate powerbank for my iPhone. That’s such a shame but at least I can save some money. On a different note, the new Microsoft’s Surface Studio looks super awesome. Oh well, if you’ll excuse me, I have a thesis report to finish.

  1. I even paused working on my thesis report (which due in three days and still 9,000 words to go) for watching the launch. Well, not live though, it was 4am in the morning here in Melbourne.

  2. With some little dents here and there.

  3. Magic Keyboard with Touch Bar would be cool, wouldn’t it?

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