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Mac Screenshot File Location

I just did a clean install on my Mac for Mojave, mostly because it felt a bit sluggish lately. I don’t feel much difference in terms of performance, but it’s that feeling of like having a new Mac that’s so satisfying after the clean install. It’s the excitement of setting up all those preferences that you miss from your “old” Mac.1 And one of those is changing the default location of screenshot file from Desktop—which I have to look up the Internet every now and then.

defaults write location ~/not_desktop

There’s that. Remember not to delete that new folder ~/not_desktop! By the way, if you want the screenshot to be copied to clipboard instead of saved into a .png file, just press the Control key along with the usual key Shift+Command+3 (entire screen) or Shift+Command+4 (selected portion of the screen or a window). Oh, and Mojave introduces some cool new features related to screenshots.

  1. Well, maybe it’s just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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