Nurkholis Madjid

Force Refresh Favicon on Safari

Just recently I redesigned this blog, so I created a new favicon to match the look and feel of the new design. However, for some reasons when I tried to bookmark this blog on my iPhone’s Safari, the favicon could not be reloaded to show the new favicon.

There was no problem refreshing the favicon on my Mac’s Safari and other browsers on iPhone. It was so frustrating. I have cleared the history and website data, re-added the bookmark, and tried many solutions explained here, here and so many other I could not keep track, but this stupid cached favicon just would not go away.

It turns out the solution is quite simple. You just need to visit the website in private mode to make Safari refresh/reload everything including the favicon for bookmark. And then when you go back to non-private mode, everything is refreshed. Phew.

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